This New West Leederville Bakery Has Got The Goods

Goods Bakery West Leederville
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It was just over a week ago when our Instagram feeds were transformed overnight. All of a sudden, all we could see were golden, sun-drenched pastries, one after another. We were transfixed, obviously.

These golden, flakey boys taking over our feeds were courtesy of Goods Bakery: West Leederville’s newest bakery and a certified hit.

It should have been no surprise, though – the bakery is courtesy of the crew at Modus Coffee. Since opening their pint-sized Mount Lawley coffee shop back in 2016, they’ve managed to become the favourite for Perth’s most discerning coffee enthusiasts, opening another two locations in the ensuing years.

Perhaps underrated are their food offerings – although always relatively restrained, they are as meticulously thought out as their coffee: a dark, toffee-coloured canelé, truffle-spiked cheese toasties or a cult-status choc chip cookie.

The same approach has transferred to Goods Bakery – perhaps here with a bit more abandon.

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For us, the star of the show has to be those almost heartbreakingly perfect, shatter-ably laminated pastries – classic croissants, including an almond and quince option, danishes filled in this instance with plump, tender plums, plus savoury escargots that we’ve been thinking about pretty much constantly ever since. Crullers – Modus fans will know – are crisp, moist and make us question why we would ever look at a regular donut again.

Goods Bakery West Leederville

Also on the savoury front: an eggplant parmi pasty, housed within a buttery shortcrust pastry, and a sausage roll that may just be a front-runner for Perth’s best (amplified by a tomato and onion jam that’s also been keeping us up at night).

Thankfully, you can also pick up some to take home: the bakery’s shelves are stocked with house-made relish, wholegrain brown ale mustard, blood orange and juniper marmalade, raspberry and peach jam and chilli fermented honey – alongside Modus beans and local small-batch chipotle hot sauce and peanut butter.

Just make sure to get there early, because the cat’s well and truly out of the bag with this one.

Goods Bakery West Leederville

Goods Bakery is located at 11 Oxford Close, West Leederville, and is open every day from 7am ’til 2pm.