Haku Omakase Perth

Just Try And Get A Res At This Top Secret 6-Seat Omakase Restaurant, Booked Out Til 2023

bySally Hall
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Few restaurants can say they’re booked out for the rest of the year – and even fewer can say that within just months of opening.

Haku, an omakase restaurant that opened in May has managed to do just that, with bookings snapped up completely for the rest of 2022 and a growing waiting list of 150.

Haku Omakase Perth

Part of this exclusivity comes from its extremely limited numbers – with the minimalist dining room containing a mere six seats.

Haku Omakase Perth

Its limited seating is just one part of the restaurant’s staunch commitment to doing things its own way. The restaurant’s Instagram – its only online presence, and the only way you can even attempt to make a booking – boldly states:

“My place with my own rules. You are choosing me and I’m choosing you too.”

Shunning traditional customer-oriented hospitality, the Haku ethos is all about a reciprocal, mutually respectful relationship between chef and diner.

In true omakase style, the evening’s menu is determined by the best produce of the day – whether it be fresh southern bluefin tuna, perfectly-fried anago, Tasmanian long-spined uni or decadently marbled A5 wagyu.

Haku Omakase Perth

Just don’t ask for the address – in keeping with the restaurant’s vibe, it’s kept a tightly-guarded secret.

Do your best and check out Haku Omakase’s Instagram.