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Header Image: The Wolf Espresso.

The days of long, boozy lunches in the city ruining your afternoon’s productivity are over! You want to keep it light, fuel the mind to kick some boardroom butt before going home and putting your feet up after a hard day sealing deals. Fortunately there’s plenty of great healthy lunch options around the Perth CBD, and here’s just 10 of ’em to keep you feeling fresh through that afternoon slump.

Ladle + Press

Ladle + Press have the bowl game on lock in the CBD, with a healthy variety that’s chockers with fresh local produce. They’ve got plenty of vego, vegan and gluten free choices, their soups are as hearty as they are healthy and you can get everything fresh in store or vacuum-sealed/frozen to eat later. Their coffee is also the cheapest going around, while simultaneously being some of the best.

81 St. George’s Terrace, Perth

The Deli By Greenhorns

The kings of catering in the CBD, Greenhorns’ Deli has become one of the most popular food spots in the city in a very short time thanks to their commitment to minimally-processed, locally sourced and sustainable produce made fresh on-site every day. Their salads, smoothies and rolls re-define freshness, and they make it real difficult not to purposely avoid meal prep just as an excuse to pop in (not that we’d know anything about that).

160 Central Arcade, 811 Hay St, Perth


You could throw a blanket over the CBD and you’d cover up a bunch of great Vietnamese options, and one that really puts a focus on the healthy side of things is The Phovela – you’ll find no MSG here! Their vermicelli noodle salad is untouchable, they make a fantastic pho and smoothies that’ll sooth whatever ales you.

St Martins Arcade, 50 St Georges Terrace, Perth


Okay so the key to keeping it healthy at Tiisch is to stay away from their beloved bottomless options, but if you can do that (hard we know) you’ll find some great healthy options along their all day brunch menu. Their Macadamia Nut Granola is *mwa*, their salads are delicious and feel like an actual meal, and chilli scrambos go down great any time of the day.

9b/938 Hay St, Perth


If you’re chasing an organic, vegan and gluten free-friendly CBD eat then pop into Panache. In terms of wraps they’ve got a huge selection with heaps of healthy ones to choose from, and if you’re chasing a sweet treat that won’t make you feel too naughty a nice little serve of Cocowhip should do the trick.

5 Mill St, Perth

Soul Origin

Soul Origin is the Perth Is OK! office’s lunch go-to just about every day (we like to keep things simple around here). But there’s a couple of very valid reasons for that! 1) They’ve got a great selection of salads to mix and match and 2) it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Especially for lazy folks like us who wouldn’t know a meal prep if it slapped ’em in the face, Soul Origin is a god send.

Central Park, 5/777 Hay St + Enex 100, 683-703 Hay St, Perth

Slurp Soup & Salad Bar

Similarly to Soul Origin, a hectic work life in the CBD sometimes calls for stability – something you’ll find at Slurp. In summer they’ve got you covered with light and fresh salad bowls and tasty sauces to top ’em off, while winter’s sorted with hearty, healthy soups that’ll warm you from the inside out. They also cold press their own juices to help wash down all that goodness with more goodness!

Cloister’s Arcade, 863 Hay St + Enex 100, 683-703 Hay St, Perth


This one’s a little bit east of the CBD proper but worth the walk, and besides you deserve some fresh air! Their menu is super interesting, and while it may have a few tempters that shift it out of the “healthy” realm, if you can stay on the path you’ll be rewarded with some wild flavours that definitely warrant repeat visits. Their coffee will give you the post-feed kick you need to get back up Hay St too.

313 Hay St, Perth

The Wolf Espresso

At the backend of Arcade 800 on Hay St you’ll find popular little coffee spot The Wolf, a place that also just happens to offer a variety of healthy snacks and larger meals to fuel your day. There’s a few naughty things like Nutella Waffles, but for the purpose of this article we advise sticking to their nourishing Açai Bowl, Vegan (all day) Big Breaky, Vegan Buddha Bowl or Protein Box.

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6/800 Hay St, Perth


Okay if you’re gonna do lunch that’s a little naughty, the healthiest version of that is surely Grill’d Burgers in Shafto Lane and Brookfield Place. Basically on the opposite end of the spectrum to our recent smashed burger obsession, Grill’d’s burgers are as light and fresh as they come without sacrificing flavours, along with being jam packed with locally-sourced produce. Plus they’ve got a HEAP of plant-based options to satisfy all comers.

10-11 Shafto Lane + Brookfield Place, 125 St. Georges Terrace, Perth