Il Locale Pizzeria, Scarborough, giveaway

This Scarborough Eatery is Giving Away A Vespa And A Year’s Supply of Pizza!

byKale Armstrong
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Since opening in January of last year, Il Locale has quickly become a favourite amongst Scarborough locals and lovers of traditional Pizza Napoletana. To thank their fans and followers for their love and support over the past year, the beachside pizzaiolos have decided to give back in a big way.

Il Locale Pizzeria, Scarborough, giveaway

Born out of a love for authentic and delicious Neapolitan pizza, Mathieu Bourget’s Il Locale is a love letter to Naples and its most famous culinary export. “When you walk into our shop, straight away you’re in Napoli,” says Matt. “Our chefs live for pizza and make everything right in front of you. We make everything in house with the best D.O.P Italian products and make sure to get our cheeses from local suppliers (La Delizia Latticini and Rose Valley).”

As a thank you to their loyal “squadra”, Il Locale has decided to give away an iconic Piaggio Vespa (valued at $6000) and a year’s supply of free pizza. “This giveaway is to reward our customers and followers. All the support that we’re getting from our ‘Il Localemaniacs’ keeps us working hard every day to make the most authentic Pizza Napoletana.”

To enter, head over to Il Locale’s instagram HERE.

Il Locale Pizzeria, Scarborough, giveaway

“Is there anything more iconic than grabbing your Vespa and heading down to your local pizzeria and grabbing your favourite ZZa?”