Everyone’s Going Clucking Crazy For This Tuart Hill Cafe’s Huge Burgs

Local Bird, Tuart Hill
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The bird really is the word in Tuart Hill. In just a few short months since opening, we’ve hardly been able to go a day without someone mentioning Local Bird. Already earning legions of devoted fans, they’ve been serving up some practically pornographic fried chicken and smashed burgers… I mean, just look at that:

Local Bird, Tuart Hill

A picture truly paints a thousand words… And this one should probably be marked NSFW:

Local Bird, Tuart Hill

Smashed patties are beaten to within an inch of their life, and stacked with more queso than you can even comprehend. We’re starting to have meat sweats just looking at it, to be honest. (We promise you don’t need to have 20 patties in yours, though).

Their chicken is the real showstopper though. Buttermilked ‘n fried, part of what makes their chicken so special is the microflakes. Yeah, microflakes. Moisture is oh-so-carefully added into the dry coating, leading to the crispiest, crunchiest coating you ever did see.

Local Bird, Tuart Hill

If your budget is stretched thing that week, don’t worry – you can still get in on the fun. Chuck on their (possibly musty) chicken suit, wave a sign on Wanneroo Road for ten minutes, and you’ve just earned yourself a free combo meal. Now that’s a deal! Add to the equation plenty of parking and stellar customer service? We’re sold.

Bear in mind before you visit, Local Bird only has limited seating options – so consider grabbing your burg take away.

Local Bird is located at 1/91 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill, and is open 4:00PM to 8:30PM Sunday to Wednesday, and 4:00PM to 9:00PM Thursday to Saturday.