Let’s Get Loud: Here’s Where To Get Dinner With Your Rowdy Mates (Or Dates)

Neon Palms, Perth
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We’ve all got a friend or two with no understanding of an inside voice – or perhaps you just want to hit up a dinner spot with the pumping, fun vibes that suit a more rowdy group of friends.

Double Rainbow

Since opening in 2019, The Rechabite has become one of Northbridge’s landmark venues, with four mighty floors of fun. On the ground floor, Double Rainbow is serving up a Korean-leaning menu with some rambunctious vibes and a healthy dose of irreverence – like their wagyu meatball yakitori in bread, the restaurant’s take on a Bunnings snag served with kimchi and egg sauce. With pumping parties below and above, the restaurant’s vibe is suitably easy-going for larger groups en route to a night out.

Where To Get Dinner With A Loud Talker, Double Rainbow, Northbridge

224 William Street, Northbridge

Neon Palms

Less than a block away, Neon Palms is continuing the night-out-vibes with their tropically-infused, cocktail-oriented venue. As well as plenty of drinks that are sure to raise the decibel level, you can dig into Latin-American inspired eats by Vice Burger – think Cubanos and Frita burgers. If your date is extra chatty, you can jump into one of those cosy booths to insulate fellow diners from your chinwagging.

245 William Street, Northbridge

La Cholita

It comes as no surprise that William Street is the epicentre of all those dinners dialled up to 11 – and La Cholita is only a block north of Neon Palms. The ever-popular eatery has been slinging terrific tacos, gorgeous guac and succulent sangrias since way back in 2011 – along with what we rate as Perth’s best spicy michelada. With this many tequilas on offer, it’s the perfect spot for a lively and loud dinner.

Where To Get Dinner With A Loud Talker, Neon Palms, Northbridge

279 William Street, Northbridge

El Público

We consider El Público a sort of spiritual sibling to La Cholita, having opened in 2012 and still staying strong. These guys are experts when it comes to both tequila and tacos, with their iconic neon donkey shining well into the night. Their mixed grill is perfect for sharing over a few margaritas, whether it’s with your beloved or a raucous group of mates.

Where To Get Dinner With A Loud Talker, El Publico, Highgate

511 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Si Paradiso

Anywhere with a list of magnums this long has got to be ready for a party, and Si Paradiso balances the line between restaurant and nightclub with aplomb. While inside the restaurant is a little more restrained (relatively speaking), if you’re enjoying a bite in the courtyard any loud talkers will surely be drowned out by the pumping Italo-disco tunes.

Where To Get Dinner With A Loud Talker, Si Paradiso, Highgate

1/446 Beaufort Street, Highgate


Just one look at Testun’s socials tells you – this isn’t a restrained, white linens, hushed conversation type of joint. Nothing is taken too seriously here, except for flavour. Waltzing between nostalgic and genre-bending and incorporating Italian flavours amongst Australasian ingredients, the kitchen emerges with mind-blowing dishes like a truffle and stracciatella-topped take on a Vegemite toastie. Paired with their Gonzo Vino “premium goon” and other thirst-quenching libations, this place is made for lively conversation.

Where To Get Dinner With A Loud Talker, Testun, Mount Lawley

12/760 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley


One of our favourite spots for a midweek bún chả, Chopsticks ticks a whole bunch of boxes: it’s a relaxed setting for both chill weeknights and more lively weekend dinners, with a big ol’ table of friends, casual date night or a long-overdue one-on-one catchup. Paired with big flavour and its easy proximity to Northbridge’s night life? We’re sold.

168 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

The Beaufort

Since opening earlier this year The Beaufort has quickly become one of Perth’s most consistently-buzzing new bars. It’s packed all weekend so if you like some great drinks and eats before kicking onto a dancefloor – you’ll never have to leave! If you’re looking for something slightly more subdued, part of the complex is Lotus Restaurant, serving up modern Asian fare compared to The Beaufort’s modern take on pub dishes. Don’t be fooled though, Lotus’ bold flavours will have you up and about in no time.

The Beaufort

521 Beaufort St, Highgate

Wild in the Street

From the same crew as La Cabaña, Wild in the Street is turning up the temperature even more, promising “sexy food and good times”. While the big-sister restaurant down the road also promises a good time, this newer iteration puts more of a focus on cocktails and share plates – a winning combo for a night as colourful as the neighbourhood.

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2/388 South Terrace, Fremantle

The Peach Pit

While we could have pretty easily added neighbouring El Grotto to this list, big, loud voices sometimes need a big, loud burger to match them and it just so happens both are The Peach Pit‘s specialty. With sport on the TVs, a couple of arcade machines up the back and DJs on the weekend, it’s a rowdy little beachside spot perfect for smashed burgs by the sea.

Peach Pit Burger

148 The Esplanade, Scarborough

Header Image: Neon Palms