Naber & IIII Fried Chicken Margarita Sundays

This Disco Courtyard Is Slinging $15 Margs And Fried Chicken Every Sunday

bySally Hall
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Call us simple folk, but there might be no faster way to our hearts than with some fried chicken… Except for pairing it with a margarita or three.

Thankfully, Leederville’s Naber-hood bar Naber & IIII are dishing up the goods in their casual, sunny, disco-flavoured courtyard.

Naber & IIII Fried Chicken Margarita Sundays

Every Sunday, the crew will sling not only their signature great vibes, but some of Perth’s best fried chicken – not available any other day of the week, it’ll keep those Sunday scaries at bay.

Of course, you’ll need to wash it down – so they’re also serving up margs for just $15, too. While we’re at it, a bowl of those disco fries wouldn’t go astray, either.

As well as chicken and margs, they’ll also have $7 Tecates on offer, with two tacos and a Tecate (call that a Triple Threat, we reckon) for just $20.