Otherside Brewing Launch ‘Plan C: Simple Ale’, A Low-Cost Craft Beer

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At the moment it feel like there is a new plan every day in the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, but it does seem quite simple (if not financially difficult) for the majority of us – stay home, wash your hands, go to the shops once a week.

Fremantle beer merchants Otherside Brewing Co. are launching their own response to the coronavirus pandemic – Plan C, which among other things includes an affordable new craft beer to help keep you fresh while self-isolating.

They’re describing it as a “great craft product, but at a super, accessible price”, and the Plan C: Simple Ale will be another selection you can order for delivery.

General Manager Steve Finney gave us the rundown: “Plan C: Simple Ale is a beer 100% inspired by current circumstances and the impact it is having on the craft beer community and the broader community.

“We’ve worked with our brewers, partners and suppliers and pressed hard on price to pull Plan C together and get it out to the market as quickly as possible.

“Plan C: Simple Ale is a great, easy-drinking ale, with passionfruit aromatics, that we are confident will become a firm favourite.”

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It’ll be available for three months from April 9, starting at $16 for 6 pack and $40 for 18 can pack – not too shabby!

To go with their already-announced home delivery, they’re also looking into virtual beer tasting sessions run by Cicerone Matt Marinich.

These will include guided tastings of their Tasting Packs, which you’ll be able to grab online and feature the six core range, plus a creative release and experimental brew.

This virus may be named after a beer, but it doesn’t mean you should have to avoid a few frothy ones at home while you help to slow it down.