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Westfield Carousel has evolved into much more than just a shopping centre over the past couple of years. And a lot of that has to do with the foodie’s paradise that is their rooftop dining area, which offers a seemingly endless amount of tasty treats to try.

We’ve done some research (eating) and come up with 12 of our favourite dishes there, laid out for you from brekky to dessert.

The Whole Hog at The Groove Train

The Groove Train is a fully serviced café and bar, that always offers a nice chill atmosphere. And while it might be tempting to pull in for a drink with lunch or dinner, it’s hard to go past their Whole Hog big breakfast before a big day’s shopping. Fried eggs, bacon, pork sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and a hash brown with toasted sourdough – oof!

Seafood Meze Board at Zeus Street Greek

If you’ve had the fortune of going to Greece during our winters past, no doubt you’ll be missing the incredible food. If you are, Zeus Street Greek should be your first port of call, and the Seafood Meze Board will come very close to satisfying those cravings. Calamari and barramundi laid out with pita bread, tasty tzatsziki and pickled cucumber will transfer you straight to the alfresco port dining on any of the islands.

Crispy Chicken Cashew Nut at Little Bangkok

Straight from the streets of Bangkok and into your tummy, the Crispy Chicken Cashew Nut here is a ripper. One of the best-priced joints in the Westfield Carousel dining area, it’s also one of the most filling with huge portion sizes. The secret ingredient here though is the chilli jam sauce.

Too Much Bacon Burger at The Waverley

Sometimes a day’s shopping deserves a naughty treat at the end, and The Waverley Brewhouse’s huge Too Much Bacon Burger should do the trick. Angus beef patty, a slathering of bacon, caramelised onion, fried egg, double cheddar and some special sauce combine for heart attack-worthy burg to nourish the soul.

The Ultimate Vegan Cheeseburger at TGI Fridays

On the complete opposite end of the burger spectrum, but no less tasty, is TGI Fridays’ delicious vegan cheeseburger. A premium plant-based beef style burger patty, vegan cheese, lettuce, red onion and vegan mayonnaise in a vegan or gluten free bun – it satisfies all those cravings minus the guilt!

Pork & Prawn Wantons in mid spice sauce at Little Bao

If you’re a fan of the more modern take on Chinese fare, Little Bao should be top of your list. Order the Pork & Prawn Wantons and watch them prepare it through the window. They prepare their dumplings in-house daily, so you know you’re getting it fresh.

Volcano Ramen at Super Tetsudo

For a unique Japanese dining experience jump on the train to Super Tetsudo. It’s the first restaurant in the country that combines a traditional kaiten sushi train with a “fast express” train that brings food directly to your table. Not only is it super cool, the food is fantastic and their Volcano Ramen is a winner – mussel, prawn, fish, squid and scampi with egg noodles and their special volcano broth.

Wagyu Beef BBQ Set at Gangnam Korean BBQ & Cuisine

Our writer Sally has been going a little Korean barbecue crazy lately, but one restaurant she missed was Gangnam at Westfield Carousel. Offering that authentic cook-it-yourself Korean experience, their Wagyu Beef BBQ Set is a steal at $78 for two people, offering half a kilo Wagyu, Karubi and Rib Meat along with mini dumplings, corn, special soup and more, it’ll keep you and a friend very, very satisfied.

Rigatoni alla Carbonara at Trattoria Italia

Perth has a long tradition of brilliant Italian restaurants, and Trattoria Italia is no different, offering an authentic dining experience filled with all the warmth and cosiness you would hope for. And when it comes to warm and cosy it’s hard to go past their Rigatoni alla Carbonara, served with traditional egg sauce, cured Pork cheek (yum!), Pecorino cheese and black pepper.

Peanut Butter & Oreo Pretzel at Pretzel

At some point you gotta start thinking about dessert, and the first of a few options would have to be pretzel. While they do savoury just as well as sweet, the Peanut Butter & Oreo Pretzel is hard to go past for just $8.50. We’re salivating just thinking about it.

Churro Toast with Dulce de Leche at Guzman Y Gomez

Sure Guzmen Y Gomez know their way around a burrito, but the secret weapon is their Churro Toast. Hot and crunchy, sprinkled with sweet, sweet cinnamon and dipped in their special Dulce de Leche sauce – delicioso!

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Belgian Waffles at Geláre

Last, but certainly not least, we turn to an old favourite – the Belgian Waffles at WA institution, Geláre. Crispy outside, fluffy inside, they’ve got a secret formula that makes them basically untouchable around these parts. We’d tell you what to pair it with, but here’s too much to choose from! Although we are a sucker for the Honey Malt Crunch.

Head to the Westfield Carousel Website for more info and what’s coming up.