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Perth's Best Toasties, Toastface Grillah
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It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy! Check out our favourite spots for when you need the ooey-gooey goodness of a toastie.

Little Sister Delicatessen

If you’re looking for the best cheese toastie, look no further than one of Perth’s finest cheese mongers. Gooey piles of Little Sister‘s decadent cheese are melted atop golden, toated Big Loaf Factory Bakery bread. In this case, a picture truly speaks a thousand words.

Perth's Best Toasties, Little Sister Delicatessen, Fremantle

25 Market Street, Fremantle

Toastface Grillah

Since opening in 2013, Toastface has become synonymous with where to get a killer (or Killah, rather) toastie in Perth. Through their OG Grand Lane store they were at the forefront of the grungy, hidden, laneway vibes that so many others have tried to replicate – as well as the fusion of hip hop culture and food. Along with their number of locations, their menus have expanded over the years to include more elaborate options – but you can still get the cheesy, gooey classics that made them so popular in the first place.

Perth's Best Toasties, Toastface Grillah

Various locations

Gather & Co.

Yet more proof that for the best toasties, you’ve got to find the best cheese mongers – and Gather & Co. is one of the best in town. These guys stock all the fixings to make a killer sammie at home, but why not let them do the hard work and grab one from their in-store café?

892 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Howard’s Groove

One of our favourite spots for a morning coffee, Howard’s Groove will also sate your hunger with one of their delicious toasties. There may be only a couple of options, but you’ll never be left wanting with a piping hot Chilli Gonzales (sure to wake you up in the morning) or gooey Cuban (a reliable classic).

22 Howard Street, Perth


It should be no surprise that Peggy’s has made its way onto this list, what with how much we bang on about the Freo sandwich shop. But you take a look at this picture-perfect, breathtakingly gorgeous, four-cheese-laden, kimchi-topped example of a cheese toastie… Can you blame us?

Perth's Best Toasties, Peggy's, Fremantle

35 Market Street, Fremantle

Chu Bakery

We won’t lie: Chu’s weekend line can certainly be intimidating. But, if you can make it to the front of that queue, you’ll be richly rewarded – not just with their beautifully delicate pastries and delicious baguettes, toasties that will knock your bloody socks off. Mushroom and béchamel? Don’t mind if we do.

498 William Street, Highgate

Foxtrot Unicorn

Artisanal cocktails and jaffles may not seem like a natural pairing at first, but the enduring success of cocktail den Foxtrot Unicorn proves it’s a winning combo. Ooey, gooey cheese is paired with “bloody fancy” fillings like barbacoa beef, a capricciosa-inspired ham and artichoke combo, plus some deliciously premium cheeses. The makings of a damn good night out, if you ask us.

Best Toasties in Perth, Foxtrot Unicorn

Header image: Toastface Grillah

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