Lunch In The CBD Sorted: Brookfield Place Perth’s Cafe Court Has A Huge Array Of Options To Suit All Tastes

Zushi Bento, Brookfield Place Perth
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It’s been a long morning, and lunchtime finally comes around. But instead of the delicious feast you deserve, you’re faced with a truly devastating sight: your own poorly prepared lunch. Perhaps it’s Sunday’s shambolic meal prepping, some dodgy looking leftovers that probably should have been chucked out a good couple of days ago, or the sad sandwich you threw together as you were running out the door. This is no way to live!

Cutting Board, Brookfield Place

Whether you’ve got a hankering for a hearty parmy and mash or a fresh plate of nigiri, Brookfield Place has a huge selection to turn that lunch break around. You’ve got the whole afternoon ahead of you, after all, and with live music every Friday this month and plenty of fresh open air to enjoy your meals, there’s no excuse not to head down.

Cafe Court, Brookfield Place Perth

Ladle + Press

Feeling like your body might need a bit of nourishment to start the day? Perhaps a nutrient or two? Head to Ladle + Press for cold-pressed juices, kombucha and coffee that’ll have you feeling energised and nourished for the day ahead.

Chinese Canton

There’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of noodle soup – rain or shine. Hit up Chinese Canton for a reassuring bowl of wontons in broth, or some Chinese classics.

Chuck’s Cantina

If you’re feeling like something hearty, you can’t go past a schnitty – and Chuck’s will more than sort you out on that front. They’ve got a huge selection of classic chicken, pork, veal, eggplant and fish, which you can enjoy in a roll or as a plate, with a couple of sides. If you’re feeling angelic, you can also grab one of their daily salads.

The Cutting Board

Continuing the hearty theme, hit up The Cutting Board. Open from 6 in the morning through ‘til 3, you can get everything from a hearty cooked brekkie to New York deli-inspired sandwiches.

Cutting Board, Brookfield Place Perth


We don’t know about you, but we feel like our brains are growing every time we enjoy a cheeky plate of sashimi. Something about salmon and Omega-3? But if you’ve got some work you need to power through after lunch, why not nourish your brain and your stomach with some delicious soosh?

Zushi Bento, Brookfield Place Perth

Viet Hoa

Their bustling Northbridge restaurant has become an institution over the past 30 years, but you don’t have to venture all the way up William Street to get your hands on their delicious phở. Their second location in Brookfield Place has all the goodness of that family-run favourite, including excellent pricing, maximum flavours and the freshest rice paper rolls going around.

Viet Hoa, Brookfield Place, Perth

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Hi Thai

And speaking of big flavour, you can’t go past Hi Thai. How could you even look at a sandwich when you’ve got a luscious plate of pad thai in front of you?

Hi Thai, Brookfield Place, Perth

Mad Mex

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that you just can’t go wrong with a burrito. Mad Mex will get one in your hands before you can say “por favore”, ready to fuel you through the long afternoon that lays ahead.

Mad Mex, Brookfield Place, Perth

To check out more of Brookfield Place Perth’s dining options, head to their website HERE