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How bloody lucky are we to even get to go to the pub at this point in 2020?

COVID-19 restrictions remain (for the time begin) some of the most relaxed in the country, so best enjoy the privilege – responsibly – while we can.

We’re shining a light on a few our fave watering holes in the lead-up to Spring/Summer, starting with an old favourite – The Hyde Park Hotel.

Whilst it gained notoriety in its earlier years as a live music hotspot, in recent years it’s shifted into more of a (big) neighbourhood bar and restaurant.

Along with the fact they’re rocking over 20 beers on tap, here’s five reasons to consider popping in for a pint and bite in the near future:

1. It’s Got One Of Perth’s Biggest Sports Bars

The Hydey’s front bar is massive, rocking a state of the art Sports Lounge featuring 10 TVs showing all kinds of sport from all over the globe.

It’s also packing a couple of pool tables, and a TAB next-door if you fancy a punt.

If you’re chasing a pub to watch the upcoming AFL final series – it’s hard to go past the Hydey.

2. Meal Deals For Days

Times are obviously pretty tough at the moment, so scouting out meal deals is top priority for any Perth pub-farer these days.

Fortunately the Hydey is packing plenty, including $20 Pizza & Pints on Mondays and you can’t go past a $20 Parmy & Pint on Thursdays.

Not to mention a cheeky $15 steak on Tuesdays or the $15 burgers on Wednesdays.

3. To Go With A Monster Food Menu

Since returning from COVID lockdown the Hydey has revamped their menu and it is massive.

Featuring all the pub staples, they’ve also got a few special treats, like Twice Cooked Pork Belly, Yakitori Skewers, Burmese Vegetable Curry, Beer Battered Snapper Tacos and “The Best Schnitty This Side Of The City”.

Damn, who’s hungry?

4. And Big Dining Spaces To Indulge In All Of It

Since refurbishment the Hydey has opened up a massive dining space, making it a great space for group dining.

Not only is there the large main dining room, there’s plenty of space around the front and back bars to pull up a stool and grab a bite to eat.’

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5. The All-Important Beer Garden

We love a good, sun-drenched beer garden in Perth, and the Hyde Park Hotel’s will do you just fine.

West-facing to cop that glorious afternoon sun and sunsets, there’s plenty of greenery and umbrellas to keep you cool, along with plenty of space for the kids to romp around.

Head to the Hyde Park Hotel WEBSITE for more info.