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    This is one article where I’ll happily admit – this is just the tip of the iceberg. Perth has experienced such a surge in food trucks over the last few years (lucky us!) that it’s impossible to list them all, but here’s just a few of our top picks.

    Eat No Evil

    Eat No Evil has become one of the most well respected names in the food truck game. Serving up sexy coastal food from tacos to sliders, as well as vegan bowls and everything in between. If you’re looking for something a little shmancier for your next event, they also do some extra special canapés that will impress any guests.

    Comida do Sul

    One of Perth’s first food trucks (at least how we’d understand it now), Comida do Sul will always have a place in my heart: I remember the first choripan I had like it was yesterday. These guys are dishing up Brazilian eats that will knock your socks off – whether it’s prato feito, choripan or a personal favourite snack, coxinha: a fried croquette filled with shredded chicken, perfect with a dash of hot sauce.

    Gary’s Diner

    Run by the same guys as Comida, these are “cheeseburgers that glisten in the sun”. I mean, what else could you want? Choose from a single, double or veggie, definitely get a side of curly fries – dare I say it, the superior fry shape?

    Soul Provider

    Fusing Southern comfort food with bold Caribbean spices, Soul Provider certainly provides the goods. Mac and cheese croquettes, po-boys, Haitian soul plates, Southern fried chicken… my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Franny’s Moving Kitchen

    Fusion is the name of the game with a lot of food trucks, and Franny’s Korean fusion is right up there. You won’t be able to resist the delicious smells wafting from their grill – with pork belly rice bowls, chicken spare ribs or bulgogi beef poutine just some of their rotating menu choices.

    George’s Kebabs Greek Streats

    This souvlaki and kebab truck (with a brick-and-mortar shopfront at Curtin) is a family-run campus favourite. Those snack boxes! The felafel! The feta chips! Top quality produce takes this Greek fare to the next level.

    Ninja Cuisine

    I’m holding out hope that there’ll be a surge in popularity for takoyaki – that it’ll become the next trendy food and there’ll be a takoyaki stand on ever corner! I can dare to dream, can’t I? In the meantime, killer food truck Ninja Cuisine is definitely the go-to for takoyaki in Perth, not to mention other Japanese street foods like gyoza, okonomiyaki, karaage and red bean taiyaki.


    Speaking of gyoza… you can’t mention dumplings without mentioning Jumplings. If you’re gonna do one thing, you’ve gotta do it well, and Jumplings more than deliver. With a devoted following, the gyoza gang serves up a refined menu of gyoza with a few different fillings – generally duck, chicken, a veg option and maybe some seafood, served on some udon noodles. You’ll find yourself raving about them, too.


    Previously known as “The King of Wings”, Wingman is a man of legend at my work. He pulled up one night, loaded us all up with the most delicious chicken wings any of us had ever had, and then disappeared into the night. We’ve been doing a bunch of rituals to try and coax him back, but in the meantime, you can find him at the Inglewood Night Markets (that’s probably easier, to be honest).

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