Big Chip Energy: Perth’s Best Hot Chips

Perth's Best Hot Chips, La Lune, East Fremantle
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Ain’t nothing better in this world than a fried potato – and while we’ll take ’em how we can get ’em, hot chips remain one of life’s greatest, yet simplest pleasures. Obviously the best chips are at your local pool, eaten with pruney fingers, with the intoxicating aroma of chlorine, sunscreen and vinegar wafting into your nose. But, failing that, here’s where to get Perth’s best:


A personal fave of late, Peggy’s chips are equally as good as their sandwiches – which is saying something. Dusted generously with chicken salt, much like the rest of the sandwich servery’s other offerings, it strikes a, dare we say it, rather perfect balance between nostalgia and meticulous execution (including ASMR-level crunch).


This Mount Hawthorn eatery is a bit of a cult favourite, quietly becoming one of Perth’s best restaurants without a whole heap of fanfare. Japanese with Peruvian leanings, their beer-battered umami fries have become the stuff of legend, sprinkled with nori and served alongside spicy mayo.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, Tsukaya, Mount Hawthorn

Nieuw Ruin

Nieuw Ruin’s crispy, golden, curried fries are truly a sight to behold. Hand-cut, supremely crispy and perhaps the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon wine in the sun, it’s no wonder they’re so good – they do come out of award-winning Head Chef Blaze Young’s kitchen, after all.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, Nieuw Ruin, Fremantle

Local Bird

We were skeptical of these chips at first – isn’t the real star of the show Local Bird’s absolutely epic chicken burgers? Well, we ate our words like we ate those chips: with great gusto. Enticingly crispy, umami-covered, and an interior we can only describe as “extremely potato-y”. The bird is, indeed, the word.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, Local Bird, Tuart Hill

North Street Store

Ah, North Street Store. What can’t these guys bloody do. These chippies are our old faithful, our go-to snack for when nothing is right in the world – golden, crunchy, pleasingly potato-y, and served alongside an absolutely killer house-made aioli… Our ride or die, baby.

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Perth's Best Hot Chips, North Street Store, Cottesloe

The Corner Dairy

This neighbourhood bar gets a lot of things right – including their chips. Corner Dairy’s are crispy, chicken-salt-covered and about as classic as they come. Ideally enjoyed with a beer in hand, soaking up the sunshine, of course.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, Corner Dairy, Doubleview

La Lune

We don’t mean to get all high-falutin’ – chips are an egalitarian food, after all… But a taste of La Lune’s frites, served alongside a deliciously, perfectly medium-rare bavette and dipped into a decadent béarnaise? That’ll convert any skeptic to the finer things in life.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, La Lune, East Fremantle


Got a soft spot for a certain fast food chain’s chippies? Hoodburger‘s shoestring fries channel all our childhood nostalgia and love of a cheeky drive-through, and pairs it with a tongue-in-cheek commitment to quality – and a frankly astonishing disregard for serving sizes.

Perth's Best Hot Chips, Hoodburger

Header image: La Lune