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Perth's best Korean Barbecue Ssam Victoria Park
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The scent of charcoal in the air, the sizzle of meats on a hotplate… is your mouth watering, too? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite Korean BBQ joints in Perth for you to check out.

Palsaik Namoo

Pork belly is integral to the Korean barbecue experience, and at Palsaik Namoo, you know you won’t be left wanting. Eight types of marinated pork belly to suit every taste, from bulgogi to garlic or chilli. If pork isn’t your thing, don’t panic – they’ve also got plenty of beef, fried chicken and of course, sides dishes to keep everyone happy.

78 Barrack Street, Perth


Albany Highway’s got some pretty tough competition when it comes to tasty eats, but SSAM more than holds their own. An extensive selection of premium beef sets SSAM apart, with ample pork, chicken, seafood and veggie options, too. Just make sure to leave some room for kimchi pancakes!

Perth's best Korean Barbecue Ssam Victoria Park

305 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Korean BBQ Village

Just down the road from SSAM is another noteworthy addition – Korean BBQ Village. Open since 2018, Korean BBQ Village has quickly won hearts of K-BBQ lovers in Perth. Charcoal grills add an extra dimension of flavour to the high quality meat on offer. Great value and friendly service make it a must-visit!

361 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

K Town

K Town is the perfect meeting place between quantity and quality, offering all-you-can-eat set menus at a quality suitable for more discerning diners. House-made kimchi, generous banchan and attentive service round out the experience. Plus, the courtyard is a super cute and cosy setting for your next date night or catch up.

Perth's best Korean barbecue, K-Town

63 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Bulgogi BBQ

This unassuming Hay Street restaurant is the perfect spot for your next quick and easy after- work dinner. Charcoal grills impart that signature smokey flavour, which pairs well with their fresh and tasty banchan. Reasonable prices make Bulgogi BBQ great bang for your buck, too.

282 Hay Street, Perth


You can’t walk down Francis Street without being enticed by the charcoal-y, barbecue-y aroma of Sinabro. And maybe it’s just us, but we find a certain charm in its unpretentious, unadorned courtyard – but then again, when you’re drinking soju and eating delicious barbecue, does the setting even make that much of a difference? As well as classic fare like pork kalbi and beef ribs, you can also expect to find cuts like pork intestine and ox tongue on offer, for those with a more adventurous palette. (They’ve now transformed into Sura Sinabro, with the addition of a night-time dessert café and plenty of soju cocktails!)

100 Francis Street, Northbridge


Tong86 has seemingly been around forever, and – for us, at least – is almost synonymous with K-BBQ in Perth. Still going strong all these years later, Tong86 is still pumping out delicious barbecue from its Beaufort Street shopfront – the scribbly, warehouse interior as cool as ever. While we wouldn’t necessarily take our grandparents there, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a meal with your rowdiest group of mates.

Perth's best Korean barbecue, Tong86, Northbridge

86 Beaufort Street, Northbridge

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PAPA Korean House

With a dedication to high quality butchering, Papa Korean House has been earning rave reviews for their all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, hotpot, and extensive a la carte menu that features not only a huge selection of Korean favourites (think japchae, tteokbokki, bibimbap, fried chicken) but a selection of Malaysian and Thai dishes to cure any late-night bak kut teh or tom yum cravings.

1 Shenton Street, Northbridge

Marubang Noodle & Pork

After moving down the road to the expansive multi-level premises once home to Sun BBQ, Marubang Noodle & Pork have expanded their offerings – while downstairs you can still get your hands on their impressive array of braised pork dishes, upstairs you’ll be treated to all your KBBQ favourites.

318 William Street, Perth

Cover image: SSAM