Rise And Shine: Ruinbar’s Now Doing Coffee!

Ruinbar Northbridge Coffee
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Take it from us, sometimes rolling out of bed during the week is an uphill battle – but what better reason to set an alarm than the promise of caffeination?

Northbridge mornings have just got a little perkier with the addition of Ruinbar’s brand spankin’ new coffee cart.

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Ruinbar Northbridge Coffee

Transforming the beer yard into Coffee Yard on weekdays between 7AM and 11:30AM, this just ain’t any old coffee cart. As cute as a button, the cart has been created by plumbing a La Marzocco espresso machine into a customised Moke car.

“We’re really excited to be rolling out our Moke at Ruinbar, having brought it and another identical one over from Melbourne during Covid,” owner Miles Hull told us.

“They’re designed as nomadic coffee carts and we’ve been looking for the perfect place to have a play. The beer yard at Ruin is ideal as we’re using the food truck bay while the bar is closed. It’ll be a pop up over summer to look after the coffee starved locals and workers around us on this side of Northbridge.”

Locals will be sipping thanks to beans from local roaster Pound Coffee, plus treats from Mary Street Bakery – all best enjoyed while soaking up the summer sunshine in the Ruinbar yard.

Ruinbar Northbridge Coffee

The cart, located at the rear of 165 Beaufort Street, Northbridge will be slinging coffees for the summer, starting from Monday, November 7.