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One of the finer things in life surely has to be a great cup of coffee while going for a walk along the beach in the morning. Nothin’ beats it, and the only thing that could ruin it is a bad cup of joe. Hit up the below places though and you’ll find nothing of the sort, just friendly faces and great beans.

Livid Skate Cafe

If you’re getting coffee close to the beach you want beach-going vibes, Livid Skate Cafe has all the chill you could ask for. Very friendly staff will serve you up quick smart after a quick chat about what the swell’s doing, plus they make a mean wrap. If you’ve got a bit of time make sure you explore their rad little art gallery next door, and keep your ears to the ground for regular laneway parties that are jam-packed with good crew and great music.

4a/6 Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough

Grind Zero

Another place where you’ll be blasted with a smile upon entry (and let’s just assume from here on everyone running a Scarborough cafe is super friendly), Grind Zero specialise in vegan and gluten free snacks on the run. They also keep things as eco-friendly as possible and of course, most importantly, make great coffee.

3/80 Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough

Drift Kitchen

If you’ve got a bit more time up your sleeve, Drift Kitchen is a great spot to catch up with friends for a proper sit down brekky and coffee combo. One of the most pleasant cafes in the area, if you arrive a bit late and their closed don’t sweat, just pop over their delightful neighbourhood wine bar SKØL for a Scandi-inspired bite and beverage.

16a Calais Rd, Scarborough

C-Breez Kiosk

After a quick dip at Brighton Beach head to C-Breez for a coffee or something more substantial and you’ll fit right in with the rest of the locals. Given its proximity to the ocean it gets pretty busy, but that’s okay because you’re on Scarborough time – just pull up on the grass and enjoy the sun and salty air!

5 Brighton Rd, Scarborough

Knead Bread & Coffee

Probably the most recent addition to the Scarborough beach coffee set, Knead knows bread better than most and have quickly become the go-to for organic sourdough goodness in the area. As you can probably guess they’ve got plenty of excellent pastry delights on offer (including your beloved cinni scrolls), and they’re no slouches in the coffee department.

Luna Maxi Mart Shopping Centre, 6 Scarborough Beach Rd, Scarborough

Lady Latte

Another great little spot set a little ways back from the beach, Lady Latte’s killer coffees are complimented with an insane selection of gourmet jaffles. At last count they had around 10 different varieties to suit any occasion, from super spicy numbers to special hangover cures.

41 Edgehill St, Scarborough

Kinky Swell

A lovely, no muss no fuss neighbourhood cafe always filled with customers and friendly smiles, Kinky Swell’s heathy menu is filled with a heap of options to suit any kind of appetite. They keep it simple with Crema Beans for the coffee and make ’em perfectly.

166 Brighton Rd, Scarborough

Toastface Grillah

We’ve extolled the virtues of the mighty Toastface Grillah plenty of times on Perth Is OK!, and their Scarborough hangout is one of the best. Set within the music history-filled walls of the Indi Bar in Scarborough, they’ve got you sorted for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

23 Hastings St, Scarborough

Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie

Just down Calais Road from Drift Kitchen you’ll find a couple of great coffees, each with their own added benefits. First up is Harvest Boulangerie Patisserie. One of the busiest bakeries in the area, their sweet treats are equally as good as their savoury – from baguettes to croissants and organic sourdough. Best washed down with one of their great coffees.

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117b Brighton Rd, Scarborough

Brighton Road Food Market

And in the same area as Harvest you’ll find the Brighton Road Food Market – an excellent, independent health food supermarket to line the pantry with all kinds of gluten free, vegetarian and vegan goodness. Out front they sling fresh coffees from 6.30am, and they’re a little cheaper than most places which is always handy especially after you break the bank on all the excellent produce in the market.

111 Brighton Rd, Scarborough

Header image: Livid Skate Cafe via Facebook.