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This Autumn we thought we would shine a light on one of our favourite down south beer breweries, Beerfarm and their delightfully unique Indian Pale Ale Lager.

Beerfarm beer farmer Josh Thomas gave birth to their India Pale Ale Lager, back in 2016, back when IPL’s weren’t really a thing in Aussie brewing, and it very quickly became a home (and fan) favourite.

“When we first made the beer in 2016, we tasted it, filtered it and immediately thought it was amazing. It has the bitterness and hop aroma of an IPA, but its point of difference is that no one in Australia was really doing an IPL. It was one of the only IPL’s in Australia at the time we made it,” says Thomas.

And while it may sound hard to believe, they struck gold on day one, having resisted the urge to tweak and temper the recipe over the past four years.

Fermented cold and lagered for weeks, it’s a crispy blend of herbal grassy notes and fruitier aspects of Mosaic (sourced from European hop farm, Saaz), producing stone and tropical fruit flavours along with American hop aromas.

It’s even got the trophies to back it up, having been named Best International Lager at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards, and now joins the likes of the Calm Ya Farm Pale Ale, West Coast Lager and Asam Boi Gose as one of Beerfarm’s flagship core seven.

Head to the Beerfarm WEBSITE for more info.

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