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    There is nothing more comforting on a cold winter’s day than sipping on a mug of smooth, velvety hot chocolate. Like a giant hug for the soul, hot chocolates can be a great pick me up during the colder weather. We’ve tracked down some of the most authentic, richest drinks across Perth to help add a little sweetness to your day.

    Sapore Espresso Bar, Cloverdale

    It’s easy to see why Sapore’s hot chocolates have become somewhat of an icon for Perth locals. Nestled along Belmont Ave in Cloverdale, they offer a ‘Cheeky Hot Chocolate’ with your choice of luscious flavouring: Nutella, choc mint or white choc coconut. All are served with piles of your favourite chocolate snacks on the side – it’s basically an entire dessert!

    Margaret River Chocolate Company, Swan Valley

    You know a hot chocolate is going to be good when it’s made by a company who produces their own chocolate. Located in the historic Swan Valley, the café on site offers the real deal hot drink made using their milk, white or dark couverture chocolate. For those wanting a little something extra, why not try the smooth caramel option, featuring delicious flowing caramel and real milk choc chips lovingly made by their chocolatiers.

    San Churro, Various

    San Churro, the Chocolateria that needs no introduction, has whipped up an entire menu of various tempting hot chocolate concoctions. For the daring sweet tooths, the Thick Spanish style drink is like sipping on a mug of rich, pure melted chocolate. Vegans fear not – San Churro now also offers the velvety vegan hot choc, featuring vegan milk chocolate and frothed Bonsoy topped with vegan chocolate drizzle. With multiple locations across the Perth area, there is likely to be a San Churro near you.

    Café 2TwentyFour, Cloverdale

    If you’re after an Insta-worthy hot drink, then look no further than Café 2TwentyFour. Their marvellous Wonderland Hot Chocolate is back this winter to add a colourful pick me up and combat the grey skies. It features a lavish, warming drink with oozing chocolate drizzle, all served with a magical heap of pastel coloured fairy floss, whipped cream, marshmallows and of course, tiny teddies. This fun drink is sure to bring out the child in all of us!

    Koko Black, Perth

    The folks at Koko Black know a thing or two about chocolate. Their mission ‘to create unexpected signature chocolate experiences’ is certainly reflected in their hot drink menu. Their signature hot chocolate is a perfectly-balanced blend of cream, 54% dark couverture chocolate and milk, which is lovingly brewed for a whole two hours to achieve an unrivalled smooth and velvety texture. They also offer chilli, cinnamon and orange variations to keep your taste buds tantalised.

    Ivy and Jack, Perth

    While not technically your traditional hot chocolate, Ivy and Jack’s S’more Cocktail is the ultimate after work winter pick me up. Cosy, boozy, chocolatey – what more could you want! The cocktail features an indulgent combination of heated brandy, Baileys, Mozart chocolate liqueur and toasted marshmallow syrup with crushed ginger nuts and toasted marshmallows. An alcohol-free version is also available too. These lavish drinks are available only from 25 June – 21 July.

    Ohana Acai, Fremantle

    If you’re after a hot chocolate that’s a little more hardworking, why not check out Ohana’s Cacao Latte. Dubbed as a ‘truly healthy hot chocolate’, this superfood filled drink is loaded with antioxidants to help keep your body fit and healthy this winter. The entire drink contains a whopping 20% of your recommended daily intake of iron, perfect for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Don’t be fooled by the health benefits though, this hot chocolate is still as tasty as ever. Ohana: come for the acai, stay for the cacao latte.

    About the author:

    Caitlyn Watts is currently based in Perth and writes on a freelance basis while completing her studies in Journalism and Professional Writing and Publishing. Her favourite topics to explore include local news, culture and food.

    Cover photo of hot chocolates from Sapore Espresso Bar in Colverdale