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    You’re at an Indian restaurant and you can’t decide if you want butter chicken or beef vindaloo. Perhaps you feel like some dahl, too. It’s tricky being indecisive, but don’t worry, because the thali is here to make sure you get a taste of everything. While the word ‘thali’ literally translates to ‘plate’, it also refers to a set meal made up of various scrumptious dishes served on a platter.

    Mela Indian Sweets and Eats, Northbridge

    Located at 428 William St, Mela Indian Sweets and Eats has been a popular Indian restaurant for years. Their menu boasts an array of Indian curries, snacks and desserts. It can be difficult to narrow it down to just one choice, but luckily, they’ve taken the guess work out for you! Mela has three thalis available: vegetarian, meat or seafood. Each thali comes with a selection of their best curries, rice, raita, naan, pappadum and dessert! Mela is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

    Thali Contemporary Indian, Perth

    It goes without saying that Thali Contemporary Indian of course has a thali on their menu. Conveniently located in the CBD, Thali Contemporary Indian has a mini thali available featuring two curries and basmati rice – perfect to pick up on your lunch break. Or if you were after something with a little more variety, there is also a traditional thali available loaded with three rich curries, basmati rice, fresh naan and a crispy pappadum. There are a wide range of curries to choose from, including flavoursome chicken, fish and paneer varieties.

    Curry Affair, Malaga and Joondalup

    Curry Affair is a casual dining location in Perth’s north and boasts itself on offering authentic Indian cuisine. Having originally been situated in Subiaco for almost 20 years before moving to Malaga and Joondalup, Curry Affair have built a solid reputation in our city. Their menu offers a beautifully spiced thali to sample their range of tasty curries, which comes in two sizes depending on your level of hunger. The thali can be customised to suit meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

    Chutney Mary’s, Subiaco

    Located on the corner of Hay Street and Rokeby Road in Subiaco, Chutney Mary’s prides itself on cooking up delectable curries that are packed full of flavour. Each dish is lovingly crafted with fresh herbs and spices and delicious seasonal produce. Chutney Mary’s is conveniently open for lunch to serve up their rich and tasty thali’s, perfect for those on their lunch break or taking a stroll in nearby King’s Park. Each thali is loaded with an array of different curries, soup, rice and dessert to keep your tummy and your tastebuds happy.

    Royal India, West Perth

    For more than 30 years, Royal India has been somewhat of an institution for Indian cuisine in Perth. Royal India prides itself on its exquisite food and exemplary service, making it one of the most popular Indian restaurants in our city. If you’re stopping by for lunch, be sure to try their Lunch Time Thali. With a choice of seafood, vegetarian or meat, each thali comes bursting with three scrumptious curries, dhal, rice, bread and dessert!

    About the author:
    Caitlyn Watts is currently based in Perth and writes on a freelance basis while completing her studies in Journalism and Professional Writing and Publishing. Her favourite topics to explore include local news, culture and food.

    Cover photo of Chutney Mary’s  in Subiaco