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We just can’t resist a controversial topic, can we? But we’ve been feeling the need for some golden, flaky, meaty goodness and we’ve just gotta let you know about some of our favourite pies around town.

Brighton Bakery

Once you’ve tried one of Brighton Bakery‘s pies, you’ll understand why they keep winning awards. Flavourful, tender fillings, a golden, delicious crust… Plus, you can’t forget the service that’s just as warm as the pies.

Perth's Best Pies, Brighton Bakery, Scarborough

111B Brighton Road, Scarborough

Cambridge Corner Store

Sure, some friend tells you somewhere’s great… That’s not always enough to sell us. But when we keep hearing the same name, again and again, over and over? Well, that’s when we’re really paying attention. Cambridge Corner Store is one such place, winning legions of local fans after taking over the old corner deli spot. Hand-made in store, these pies are packed to the brim and tantalisingly golden.

Perth's Best Pies, Cambridge Corner Store, Floreat

442 Cambridge Street, Floreat

Grocer And The Chef

The Grocer And The Chef have been steadily growing admirers since opening in 2020 – not just for their top-tier local produce, or their sparkling customer service, but also for their delicious deli goods. Star amongst them is their chunky steak pie – filled with tender, chunky beef in just the right amount of gravy, and encased in some A+ pastry.

115 Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield

Black Pig Deli & Co.

Purveyors of all things delicious, Black Pig Deli‘s expansion from artisanal provedore into their neighbouring eatery has paid off. As well as some sandwiches that’ll blow your hair back, these guys have a pie game that is hard to beat – whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go or an easy midweek dinner.

Perth's Best Pies, Black Pig Deli, Inglewood

4/890 Beaufort Street, Inglewood

Sunshine Café

Sunshine Cafe (yes, that understated lunch bar on Beaufort Street ) just keep serving up some of the best food in Perth. Tucked away on Beaufort Street in between Walcott Street and Queens Crescent, and with no online presence to speak of, Sunshine is about as unassuming as it comes – but their flavourful menu has meant a loyal following of devotees. Generous sizes at reasonable prices make it an all round hit. From pho to banh mi – or, of course, the lunch bar stalwart of an absolutely ripper pie.

683A Beaufort St, Mount Lawley

Jeremy’s Exclusive Butchery

If there’s anything this list has taught us, it’s that a quality butcher is a pretty promising lead for a promising pie. Jeremy’s is no exception to that rule, with freshly made pies available, filled with the same high quality meats that have made them a Swanbourne favourite.

Perth's Best Pies, Jeremy's Exclusive Butchery, Swanbourne

131 Claremont Crescent, Swanbourne

Jaylea’s Patisserie

This community-focused, family-run patisserie is serving up some truly comforting pies. Whether you’re into a classic steak and kidney, a unique chilli con carne pie topped with cheese, or even something a bit fancier involving steak, porcini and blue cheese, you’ll walk away happy. Vegan pie lovers can get in on the action too, with Jaylea’s offering some impressive vegan pie and pastie options.

Perth's Best Pies, Jaylea's Patisserie, Willagee

88 Archibald Street, Willagee

Peter’s Choice Butchery

If you’re looking for a quick lunch to go or something for your weeknight dinner, Peter’s Choice Butchery has a cabinet that will delight. Along with quiches, pasta, parmigiana and wings, this butcher has some pies that compete with the best of them. Available ready to go as a single serving or a larger size to take home for dinner, you can also order online for next day delivery – we’re not saying you should bulk order pies, but we’re also not saying you shouldn’t…

Perth's Best Pies, Peter's Choice Butchery, Claremont

6/20 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont

Marco’s Fussy Meats

You’ve just got to take one look at a Fussy Meats pie to know you’ve got something special in your hands (and heart). While their pastry is spectacularly buttery, it’s matched by the generous, chunky fillings. We’re not surprised it’s just about everyone’s #1.

Perth's Best Pies, Marco's Fussy Meats, Applecross, Cockburn

86 Hammond Road, Cockburn
777 Canning Highway, Applecross

Boatshed Market

Sometimes you just need to connect to a more bougie side of yourself. While just stepping inside the Boatshed can feel aspirational, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Australia’s favourite blue-collar food there. The Boatshed’s bakery (and let’s be honest, the whole store) is pretty impressive from the get-go, and their pies (also available in family sizes) certainly follow suit. For those who are going for more of a seafaring vibe, their fish pie – available at the fish counter – is a winter treat.

Perth's Best Pies, Boatshed, Cottesloe

40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe

North Street Store

Ah yes, this one almost goes without saying, doesn’t it? North Street Store (and their ever-expanding empire) are serving up some pies that stand up to the hype. Some of the best, flakiest pastry in town makes these worth their weight in gold.

Perth's Best Pies, North Street Store, Little Loaf

16 North Street, Cottesloe

Header image: Cambridge Corner Store