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    We don’t want to cause any more controversy, but we’ve just gotta let you know about some of our favourite pies around town.

    Tuck Shop

    There’s a reason Tuck Shop is packed every lunchtime – and the reason is their pies. Of course, their regular lunch menu is also worth a visit, but the gourmet pies are really the star of the show. Served either by themselves or with options of sides (peas, mash, salad or chips), these are the cure to your workday’s afternoon slump. Lamb and rosemary is definitely a winter favourite, but there’s ace beef, chicken and veg options too.

    1/180 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

    Pearl of Highgate

    Pearl of Highgate has cultivated almost a religious following amongst not only pie lovers of Perth, but cake and pastry lovers too. The huge selection of pies includes all the classic beef and chicken options, as well as a killer roast veggie number. Having said this, their beef goulash pie is one to go in the history books.

    189 Lincoln Street, Highgate

    Jaylea’s Patisserie

    This community-focused, family-run patisserie is serving up some truly comforting pies. Whether you’re into a classic steak and kidney, a unique chilli con carne pie topped with cheese, or something a bit fancier involving steak, porcini and blue cheese, you’ll walk away happy. Vegan pie lovers can get in on the action too, with impressive vegan pie and pastie options.

    88 Archibald Street, Willagee

    Golden Bakery

    When it comes to pies, Golden Bakery aren’t messing around. Just one look at their golden, glowing case makes it no surprise why they keep winning awards. They’ve got a truly huge range of pies available at their three locations, but if you’re just looking for a snack, you can’t say no to one of their mini pies.

    5/97 William Street, Perth
    76 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park
    71 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park

    Martineaus Patisserie

    Uni students will be familiar with Martineau’s Bakery, tucked inside the Cap S Shopping Centre in Nedlands, a short skip from UWA. This French patisserie’s pies are trés bon, with the beef and burgundy option a particular highlight.

    Photo by Marina Han

    90 Stirling Highway, Nedlands

    Peter’s Choice Butchery

    If you’re looking for a quick lunch to go or something for your weeknight dinner, Peter’s Choice Butchery has a cabinet that will delight. Along with quiches, pasta, parmigiana and wings, this butcher has some pies that compete with the best of them. Available ready to go as a single serving or a larger size to take home for dinner, you can also order online for next day delivery – I’m not saying you should bulk order pies, but I’m also not saying you shouldn’t…

    6/20 St Quentin Ave, Claremont

    Marco’s Fussy Meats

    You’ve just got to take one look at a Fussy Meats pie to know you’ve got something special in your hands (and heart). While their pastry is spectacularly buttery, it’s matched by the generous, chunky fillings.

    86 Hammond Road, Cockburn
    777 Canning Highway, Applecross

    Boatshed Market

    Sometimes you just need to connect to a more bougie side of yourself. While just stepping inside the Boatshed can feel aspirational, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Australia’s favourite blue-collar food there. The Boatshed’s bakery (and let’s be honest, the whole store) is pretty impressive from the get-go, and their pies certainly follow suit. For those who are going for more of a seafaring vibe, their fish pie – available at the fish counter – is a winter treat.

    Photo by Mathew Crawford Architects

    40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe

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    About the author:
    Sally is a designer, artist and fried chicken aficionado. When she’s not working, you can find her obsessing over her houseplants or at the movies. See some of her art here: www.instagram.com/smallfry.stitches

    Cover photo of Golden Bakery