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Best restaurants Vic Park, Ssam Korean BBQ Hotpot
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Inch for inch, Vic Park’s restaurant game is out of control, off the chain, next-level great. With cuisines from every corner of the globe, a stroll down Albany Highway will have you feel like you’re on a deliciously international holiday. While it may seem longer than most lists, we’ve tried our best to narrow down the best restaurants in Vic Park (with maybe a couple from Lathlain in there for good measure).

Mei’s Noodles

Venture off Albany Highway into East Vic Park’s more industrial streets and you’ll be richly rewarded – especially if you find yourself at Mei’s Noodles. The low-key eatery is dishing up homestyle Yunnan-style cuisine – influenced by the region’s borders with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, their specialties are a distinctly spicy and sour “little pot rice noodles”, as well as a Saturday-only “Crossing-the-bridge” noodles, one of the region’s most iconic dishes.

9/18 Milford Street, East Victoria Park

Duncan Street Store

Helmed by legendary food truck Soul Provider’s Vital Syverin, it follows that Vic Park’s Duncan Street Store does things a little differently. While during the day you can get your hands on some classic café staples, evenings take things to the next level with Tuesday taco nights and West Indian Wednesdays.

Duncan Street Store, Victoria Park

41 Duncan Street, Victoria Park

The Prophet

We’ll be honest: we’d actually take any excuse to visit the Prophet, rain or shine. The Lebanese restaurant has been operating out of their Vic Park location since 2001, building a cult following ever since. Succulent skewers, the lightest, crispiest falafel, and some dips that are just darn-tootin’ delicious.

Perth's Best BYO Restaurants, The Prophet, Vic Park

907A Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Cosy Del’s

While just about everyone and their dog is well aware of local favourite Laika – purveyors of some rather delicious brunches – next door you’ll find their other venture: Cosy Del’s. Perfect for date nights, this neighbourhood restaurant is cosy by name and by nature, serving up comforting modern Italian fare (as well as a steak we’ve thought about pretty much non-stop for a whole year).

Best restaurants Vic Park Lathlain Cosy Del's

13 Lathlain Place, Lathlain

SSAM Korean BBQ & Mini Hotpot

Nothing says comfort like getting cosy around the fire… But if you can’t get to a campfire any time soon, some smokey Korean barbecue will certainly do the trick! While there’s plenty of K-BBQ competition across Perth, SSAM sets itself apart with a mouth-watering selection of premium meats – or a steaming pot of kimchi-jigae will cure any winter woes.

Best restaurants Vic Park, Ssam Korean BBQ Hotpot

313 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Hakata Gensuke

What’s better than diving into a big hot bowl of ramen? Hakata Gensuke’s signature tonkotsu broth is packed with flavour (and their house-made, perfectly chewy noodles), or you can choose from black sesame, shio, shoyu or miso broths. If you’re feeling adventurous, the ultra-spicy “God Fire” option will really warm you up!

850 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park


Decanter’s world-class range of whiskies is the perfect way to warm up your Perth winter, complemented by a selection of smoked meats and other deep-fried delights. If you’re feeling cheesy, indulge in their DIY mac and cheese options (check it below), topped with an array of options like cauliflower wings, fried chicken or garlic prawns. Finish things off with a cosy bowl of sticky date pud (always room for some pud), or if you’re an early riser, check out their now-iconic brunchtime soufflé pancakes.

279 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Vego Delish

It’s never been easier to go plant-based, particularly when you have restaurants like Vego Delish. The cosy neighbourhood spot’s menu is filled with Vietnamese favourites, pan-Asian starters and even a couple of burgers to cover all the bases. But for this time of year it’s hard to go past their phở – it’ll knock your fluffy winter socks right off.

25D Gallipoli Street, Lathlain

Kanpai Yakiniku Japanese Style BBQ

We didn’t get enough of the BBQ deliciousness of SSAM, so we’re hopping over to Japan for some more premium wagyu. Ultra tender cuts of meat make this a next-level BBQ experience, as does the high-tech extraction fan – meaning you won’t leave smelling like a piece of grilled wagyu yourself. Make sure to book ahead, this spot is often packed to the rafters!

Best restaurants Vic Park, Kanpai Yakiniku Japanese BBQ Hotpot

280 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Frank’s Texas Smokehouse

Haven’t got the meat sweats yet? Don’t worry, there’s more barbecue to come – this time of the Texan variety!

Frank’s feels like it’s been transplanted from the middle of Texas, then plonked into an old car yard in Vic Park. Somehow though, it works. With an outside area perfect for big groups on balmy evenings, wallet-friendly drink specials and meat that’s ready to go as you order (no waiting!), this is the perfect spot for a Sunday catch up with mates. Our pick is for the moist brisket – a classic barbecue staple done to perfection.

767 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park 

Ramen Samurai

Ramen Samurai are serious when it comes to ramen. From the fresh in-house noodles to a broth that’s simmered for over ten hours – Ramen Samurai can certainly hold their own. But don’t mistake that for being slaves to authenticity, these guys are open to experimentation: kimchi ramen, curry ramen, and heaps of customisations available for even the most particular noodle fan.

902 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Little Ying Thai

This cheap and cheerful Thai restaurant will knock your socks off, with complex, fresh, in-your-face flavour. We can’t go past the duck red curry or the choo chee curry, but rest assured – all your favourites are there, too.

Best restaurants Vic Park, Little Ying Thai

3/895 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Dapur Van Java

While you can certainly get your popular Indonesian fare at Dapur Van Java (your satays, your nasi gorengs), you’ll find it hard to limit yourself to the classics with their extensive menu. Tahu telur goreng and gado gado will keep the vegos more than happy, but we can’t resist some grilled beef ribs. One of the best to do it in the delicious suburb of Victoria Park.

1 Leonard Street, Victoria Park

RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers

One of a few burger kings around Perth, RoyAl’s know their chicken, know their burgers, and know their beers with a great selection of brews on tap at their Vic Park location. Keep things classic with their OG cheeseburgers or delve into their specials – just get ready for a big burger-induced nap afterwards.

Best restaurants Vic Park, RoyAl's Chicken and Burgers

834 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Lola’s Filipino Diner

Started by the team behind beloved burger joint RoyAl’s, Lola’s Filipino Diner pays homage to their Filipino heritage and the food they grew up with. The crowd favourite is, of course, the fried chicken gravy – Lola’s ode to Jollibee’s chicken joy. And for good reason, this stuff will keep you coming back over and over again!

8/885 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Neho Asian Tapas

When we hear the word “fusion” – or “tapas” with not a chorizo in sight – we can’t help but feel a hint of skepticism. Luckily, we put our judgement aside to discover the deliciousness of Neho. The menu encompasses South-east Asia, with Chinese, Japanese and Korean influences. Think southern Thai fried chicken, rendang short ribs or smoked duck breast infused with oolong tea.

Best restaurants Vic Park, Neho Asian Tapas

249 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Water Margin

This bright restaurant specialises in the bold spice of the Sichuan region – specifically, Chongqing’s fiery, garlic-laden dishes. While plenty of Water Margin’s noodle dishes will make a delicious dinner, the real star of the show has got to be those feast-mode hot pots.

Best restaurants Vic Park, Water Margin

Shop 26, 366 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Mango Cafe

One of Perth’s few Burmese restaurants, Mango Cafe‘s richly spiced and comforting mohinga and kyay oh will expand your understanding of noodle soups to a whole new world of flavour.

Best restaurants Vic Park, Mango Cafe

964 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park

Victoria Park Hotel

There’s a raft of great watering holes along the Vic Park stretch, and Victoria Park Hotel is one solid pub that shows the sport on the telly, has plenty of great beers on tap and serves up delicious pub grub (with a slight twist). They’ve also just added “epic beer garden” to their offerings following a $2.3M courtyard refit – perfect for a sunny winter’s afternoon.

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605 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Boston Brewing Co.

Boston Brewing Co.’s has become a Denmark hotspot since its inception in 2011, growing more and more popular each year. And while we’re all about a road trip, if you’re based in Perth… you can’t exactly drop in on a whim. Just imagine our delight when the Vic Park location opened! More craft beer than you can shake a stick at and a sophisticated yet accessible gastropub menu, all with the same big smiles you’d expect in the Great Southern.

660 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

Header image: SSAM