Varsity Munchies

Got The Munchies? You Can Now Order American Snacks With Your Varsity Burgs!

byPerth Is OK Staff
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And now for something very important that we know will have the sweet tooths out there salivating: Varsity have just launched the very aptly named, Munchies.

That’s right, along with your a-little-bit-naughty but very nice burger order from Varsity, you can now add on a very tempting range of American snacks!

The range covers some beauties, including Funyuns, Takis, Mike & Ike’s, Dr Pepper, Butterfingers, Twizzlers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and the infamous Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Varsity Munchies

So if you’ve got the munchies next time you’re ordering Varsity, hook into their Munchies range by downloading the Varsity League app from your app store.

Find out more via the Varsity Website.