Wine Tasting + Great Burgers? Swan Garagistas & Hoodburger Are Teaming Up This Sunday!

byTroy Mutton
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If you’re not familiar with @swan_garagistas, it’s essentially a gang of minimal intervention winemakers and artisans of the Swan Valley, and you’ll have the chance to get very acquainted with them this Sunday.

Teaming with the good burger guys at Hoodburger, they’re putting on a little wine tasting at Hoodburger’s 848 Bar in Inglewood, for an afternoon of delicious drops and big burgs.

They’re hosting two 50-person sessions on Sunday 17 July, featuring tastings and chats with the producers from Swan Valley Wines, Chouette, Local Weirdos, Chalari, Ohkela, Yume and Txoko Brewing.

Your ticket price includes a special Hoodburger x Swan Garagistas collab wine glass and natty hamburger with comté sauce:

It’s only $42pp, and you can grab your tickets here.

PS. They’ve just released a second session at 5pm!