A Pre-Loved Clothing Market Is Happening At Freo.Social This Sunday

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One element of our current need to be more environmentally conscious is fast fashion and how destructive it is for the globe.

And one simple way to combat it is by supporting sustainable clothing and making your next apparel purchase a pre-loved one.

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Outside of hitting up already established vintage stores (here’s a HUGE LIST to get you started), this Sunda you’ll be able to stock up on pre-loved clothing with a beer in hand at The Pre-Loved Clothing Market, taking over Freo.Social from 12-3pm Sunday 15 March.

The team behind Little Market Place have been hosting these around Perth for a minute, and they stop in down Freo way for a Sunday afternoon of booze, eats and plenty of pre-loved treats.

With over 40 stalls selling pre-loved, vintage and high-end labels, it seems like a pretty great way to start prepping for winter, saving some cash and helping the environment.

With prices starting from only $2 and entry just a gold coin donation, we could think of a lot worse things to do on a Sunday arvo then find some pre-loved bargains with a spritz in hand.

Head to the FACEBOOK EVENT for more info.