Forrest Chase Has Unveiled A New Interactive Art Exhibition Celebrating The ‘People Of Perth’

byTroy Mutton
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We’ve got plenty to celebrate in Western Australia, and Forrest Chase this week is launching a new art exhibition celebrating WA and the people within it.

Created by a varied group of four Perth-based artists, the exhibition is entitled ‘People Of Perth’ and will allow viewers the chance to see WA through a different point of view.

A chance to understand the personal experience of four people from different walks of life.

Each artwork will include interactive elements, and will also feature audio recordings at each display window to hear directly from the artists.

And who are those artists?

JD Penangke is an Indigenous artists whose mural captures how traditional Aboriginal pathways have become main roads in the Perth CBD.

Slapnukl is a 10-year-old skateboarder  whose original character OG will be skating back and forward on a ramp.

Kathy Bierma highlights WA’s crystal clear oceans with neon lighting bringing her piece ‘Ocean’ to life.

Joshua Diong‘s stunning landscape photographer will be on display via a special switch-activated display that creates a domino effect from WA’s north to south.

To check it out head to Level 1 at Forrest Chase from today (Thursday 4 March).