Love Chicken Nuggets And Cask Wine? Goon & Nugz Festival Returns This November!

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There have been a few perfect pairings over the course of history.

Tom and Jerry. Batman and Robin. David Boon and VB…

But at no point in history did anyone really connect chicken nuggets and cask wine, until last year that is…

2019 saw the inaugural Goon & Nugz Festival come to Perth as a celebration of both those things and as it turns out, we loved it.

So much so that after selling out last year, Goon & Nugz will return on Saturday 7 November at Perth from 6pm-12am at Perth Mess Hall.

In the blue corner you’ll find four of Perth’s top food trucks serving up classic chicky chicky nug nugs, along with nugz-inspired dishes like Sweet Miso Nuggets, BBQ Nugget Poutine, Philly Cheese Nugz Rolls, Nugget Burritos and more, along with vegan and gluten free options.

And in the red corner a pop-up Goon Bar will appease your cask wine guilty pleasures, along with some tasty (?) Goontails like Classy Bogan Sours, Fruity Lexia is Sexier, Pineapple Goonjito’s, Berry Goongria’s and more.

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Traditionalists need not fear, as there will also be some craft beer, wine and spirit options available, along with ping pong and other activities.

Music entertainment will be provided by Perth legend Tomás Ford’s CRAP MUSIC RAVE PARTY, along with DJs Sam Timmerman and Triplett, plus there’ll be a nugget eating comp with comedian Colin Ebsworth.

If we haven’t sold you yet, well we don’t think we ever had a chance.

If you are keen, there will be a limited number of early bird tickets on sale from August 9, follow Goon & Nugz on FACEBOOK for more info.