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    If you love beaches in Esperance, and the marine life frolicking at them, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across Jaimen Hudson’s Instagram page – @jaimenhudson. His photography and videography are stunning examples of everything we love about our coast – crystal clear waters, dolphins, whales, sun, sand and surf. All of this incredible footage is taken from the land via a drone, while Hudson sits in a wheelchair, quadriplegic following a motorcycle accident in 2008.

    Hudson’s story, and his embarkment on one of the greatest challenges of his life, is the subject of a new feature documentary called Jaimen Hudson: From Sky To Sea, from Perth-based directors Leighton Barros and his producer partner, Jodie De Barros.

    From Sky To Sea follows Hudson as he sets out on his next great adventure, to become the world’s first underwater cinematographer with quadriplegia. An examination of disability through the lens of employment, social attitudes, mental health, support and care, Hudson must do battle with the constraints of his own disability (including reduced lung capacity), and the concerns of the people around him.

    After premiering earlier this week it’s now screening around the country via limited release, hit THIS LINK to find a session around Perth.