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If you’ve been out’n’about in the city/Northbridge on the weekend, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the PeddlePerth crew.

Their funky, music-blasting rickshaws are an epic way to get around Perth’s great small bar scene or check out exciting new developments.

And now with restrictions easing, they’re back on the pavement and want to take you for a different kinda ride.

Kicking off this Saturday, the Post-Iso Adult’s Scavenger Hunt is a 90-minute adventure around the city designed to put a smile on your dial.

Once you and a friend jump on-board, you’ll be given a challenge sheet filled with trips and tasks that will “test your courage, your intellect, your gag reflex, your riddle knowledge and your sword skills, rewarding you with points for how creative you can be.”

Your fit-and-ready rider will rock the tunes you love and go wherever you tell them (no hints, but maybe a couple of giggles).’

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It’s a re-vamping of their incredibly popular Fringe Festival Scavenger Hunt, which made many a Perth punter very happy:

“The guys were super lovely and charismatic! This experience is part tour, part street party, flying through the city on the back of a bike ridden by someone I can only assume has quads the size of boulders. Amazing!”

There are two sessions going down on Saturday the 18th of July at 3 and 5pm, head to their booking page for more info and to sign up!

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