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One of the sweetest joys in life is chats with your mates at the pub. Unlocking life’s great mysteries is never easier than over a couple of cold ones with friends, family, or someone you just met.

Indeed, we Australians are social butterflies, the local tavern our playground. We don’t have any factual evidence, but we’re pretty sure some of the greatest ideas and inventions the world has ever known probably originated over some salted peanuts and a tall ale.

The University of Western Australia recognises this, and are topping up the knowledge jugs with their upcoming event, Raising The Bar.

This coming Tuesday 29 October, they’ll be hosting a series of 20 free public talks in 10 local watering holes, playing host to some of the world’s leading researchers across a variety of disciplines.

UWA Director of Research Dr Campbell Thomson says it’s a chance for people to discover the world of research in an easy-going, accessible fashion: “By taking our research into the public arena, in a relaxed setting, we are giving people in Perth the opportunity to hear world-class researchers explain – in everyday language – relevant and problem-solving solutions to some pretty big questions.”

For a brief rundown of who’s speaking where and what about, read on below. Alternatively, you can head to the Raising The Bar website to reserve your free tickets now – and we recommend you do so ASAP as last year’s talks all booked out.

The Grand Bar & Bistro Mezzanine
First up Dr Lies Notebaert will tackle themes of resilience – where it comes from and if it can be learned, before Dr Julie Ji looks at the effect of our imagination on mental health and lives in general.

The Deck @ The Grand
Meanwhile under The Grand’s Deck, Asst. Professor Nahal Mavaddat looks at the importance of empathy in society, and Prof. Markus Schlaich wants to help you understand, prevent and treat hypertension.

Ivy & Jack
Prof. Eun-Jung Holden examines the role of technology in geological decision-making, while Prof. Thomas Bräunl looks at future trends in the automotive industry, through the lens of UWA’s Renewable Energy Vehicle Project (REV).

The Globe
Get down early doggo lovers, Ass. Prof. Hayley Christian will highlight how our canine pals can help us be happier and healthier, before Dr. Anthony Duckworth-Smith details how what started out as a board game, became a policy to stimulate unique smaller housing in Freo.

Market Grounds
Earlier in the evening, Dr Marilyn Bromberg looks at overseas body image laws and how they may be implemented here, then Ass. Prof Joanna Elfving-Hwang looks at beauty in bars – why does drinking seem to make other people better-looking everywhere?

Dr Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts go deep on the developments of the first lab-grown meat/leather and manipulation of living systems, followed by Craig McCormack who wonders, can architecture exist in outer space?

If you’ve ever wondered why your friends have more friends than you, Prof. Michael Small may have the answers. And then Kevin Vinsen explores the biggest question of all – are we alone in the universe?

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The Stables
First up Dr David Glance goes on a deep dive into the uncertainties surrounding the recent implementation of My Health Record, before Dr Julia Powles taps into the current zeitgeist surrounding our privacy fears.

The Shoe Bar
Prof. Michael Tobar shines a light on dark matter, before Dr. Brendan Kennedy looks at why transformative echnology isn’t playing a larger role when it comes to the physician-patient relationship.

Tiny’s Bar
Early in the evening Drs. Ben Jackson and James Dimmock look at how vital social connections are on community health, while later Natalya Beer tells you the effect exercise has on how and what you eat, before and after exercise.

Tickets are completely free and moving fast with several talks already completely sold out.

Get in quick and register for yours here!