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    After a successful sell-out-season last year Scitech’s romantic Dome Date Night returns to the Planetarium as part of Fringe World 2021.

    Shooting for the stars February 5, 11 and 12, starry-eyed lovers will enjoy a spectacular live tour of the universe, going on a galactic journey of love in the southern hemisphere’s largest full-dome theatre.

    The new show, written especially for Fringe World 2021, takes inspiration from NASA’s Mars Rover, ‘Perseverance’, which will land on Mars just after Valentine’s Day on February 18.

    The rover’s journey to the red planet will be reflected in the Dome Date Night show, exploring the extraordinary journeys taking place throughout the cosmos.

    From the story of light travelling across the universe and the path of stars through time, to the journey through we make with our beloved, it promises to be a special night bringing you even closer together with your special someone.

    Tickets are only $35 including a drink on arrival, with additional drinks and snacks available at the bar.

    Session times for the three nights are at 6pm and 7.30pm – for more information and book your tickets now head to the Fringe World WEBSITE.