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    Even though the arts and entertainment industry has had an absolute shocker in the past 10 or so months, their willingness to dig deep whenever it counts never fades.

    Enter The Shady Bunch, a massive comedy gala going down at The Regal Theatre on Thursday 11 March, with all proceeds going to people impacted by the recent Perth hills bushfires.

    Presented by popular Perth-based podcast The Grin Reapers, it features a who’s who of our funniest peeps, both emerging and well-established:

    Andrew Wolfe
    Jon Pinder
    Daniel Delby
    Rory Lowe
    Fankie Rowsthorn
    Brian Shields
    Simone Springer
    Sean Conway
    Sian Choyce
    + many more

    Tickets to the 18+ show will only set you back $35, and like we said all proceeds are helping people who really need it – BOOK HERE NOW.

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