There’s 3 Nights Left To Check Out The 80s-Inspired Immersive Dinner At Fringe

byBlake Kelleway
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The Seven Deadly Sins immersive dinner experience was a huge highlight on the 2019 Fringe World calendar, and you’ll be salivating to know the team behind it has returned with a new performance!

The team behind it, Secret Suppers, are promising something even bigger, with fully-choreographed dance and live vocal performances, 2D/3D projection mapping and dramatic character performances all set to a delicious 3-course meal of course.

Perhaps most drool-inducing is the theme, as “Children Of The 80s” promises to take you back to a simpler time. Before smart phones and Netflix, when VCRs, dial phones and cassette mixtapes were all the rage.

Combining the traditional mediums like dance with state of the art projection mapping technology, “Children Of The 80s” will be an immersive and culinary experience for the senses.

So crimp the hair, dust of the shoulders, and prepare to look back on a time when feminism was just on the rise, computers were the size of entire rooms and New Wave was all the rage.

So if you, like dare we say a lot of us, love a slice of nostalgia in your life, head to the Fringe World WEBSITE now to gobble up some of the last remaining tickets.