UWA’s 2021 Open Day Is Coming Up: What You Need To Know And How To Register

byTroy Mutton
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Choosing a future study path after high school is arguably one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life.

Researching all your options – both where and what to study, and the potential careers that courses lead to – is so crucial, and The University of Western Australia (UWA) knows this better than anyone. Which is why their Open Day is such an important tool for incoming students to really get a grasp of what uni life is all about and how uni will prepare you for your future career.

This year, UWA Open Day is happening Sunday 28 March from 10am until 2pm, and registrations are open – CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND START PLANNING YOUR DAY.

Finding everything you need to know has been divvied up into three key areas – Study Hubs, a Central Hub and a Campus Life Hub.

Study Hubs provide an opportunity for you to go deeper into your area of interest, meet with and talk to engaging academics and experts in their field, and explore facilities, equipment and interactive displays. You’ll also meet current students and hear from graduates to get inspired about where your degree can take you via a variety of career panels. Check out the different Study Hubs and where you can find them on campus HERE.

At the Central Hub on James Oval, you’ll find reps from all facets of the campus experience and get your questions answered relating to how to apply, scholarship opportunities, support services, living on campus and much more, with campus tours running every hour.

And finally, after a packed day of information gathering, the Campus Life Hub on Great Court South is an opportunity to unwind and see how fun life on campus can be. Food trucks, games, DJs and more will offer you a glimpse of good times and community vibes that are very much a part of life as a UWA student.

So if you’re ready to seek much more than a degree, REGISTER HERE for this year’s UWA Open Day on Sunday 28 March from 10am to 2pm and start planning your day online.