Acrylic Paint Pouring Workshop

DateNovember 20 2022
Time12:00 PM - 2:30 PM
LocationSonar RoomFremantle

Are you looking to get hands-on and unleash your inner artist? Why not join What The Craft’s fluid art class in Perth and discover the mesmerising process of making your own masterpiece in a soothing and mindful environment. In this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of acrylic paint pouring from a fluid art expert. You will get the chance to explore your own creativity with colours and then learn the ‘dirty pour’ and ‘flip cup’ methods to be able to manipulate paint using straws and balloons to create two unique and beautiful abstract art pieces!

Beware! This is a seriously addictive craft and you finish this class wanting to come back time and time again! If you’re looking for things to do in Perth or unique birthday gift ideas for a keen creative in your life, then this fluid art workshop might be what you’re after. Not only will you learn new skills from an expert, but you’ll leave feeling confident and creatively inspired to continue on your paint pouring journey at home too.

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