Adrian Galante and Mark Turner – One Night Only

DateJanuary 24 2023
Time6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
LocationMoana HallPerth

Mark Turner, a singer and multi-instrumentalists is a natural crooner with an irresistible warmth and a passion for music. With his velvet voice and charismatic charm, Mark’s onstage energy carries his audiences through romantic ballads to high energy blues; a multi-talented and truly captivating performer. Adrian Galante is a multifaceted, exciting young jazz clarinetist and pianist with a remarkable command of both instruments far beyond his youth. Possessing a lyrical “vocal-like” quality on the clarinet, his expressive playing exhibits a melancholic romanticism combined with a joyous feeling for swing, bebop, and the blues. Tonight they join forces to bring you some swinging good times. An evening not to be missed. Two sessions at 6pm and 8pm at Moana Hall