Anna Piper Scott: None Of That Queer Stuff

Anna Piper Scott
DateFebruary 11 2024 - February 18 2024
Time9:20 PM - 10:20 PM
LocationThe Pleasure GardenNorthbridge

After years of awards and acclaim, Anna receives some frustrating advice – that she might just be a bit too weird for mainstream success.

She is, after all, a maybe lesbian with a maybe boyfriend, a definite girlfriend and some bizarrely close friendships. Audiences want “love is love” and “be yourself,” not all these uncomfortable truths and talk of revolution – don’t they? Amidst this swirling identity crisis, she goes on an expansive journey through love, friendship, sex, ambition and corporate talent acquisition to find out if she can straighten herself up for the masses – or if maybe she can queer the masses up instead.

Anna finds a world of infinite loves, each unlike the last. And maybe along the way, she’ll learn how to stop getting bitter, and start getting better.