As You Like It

Grads as you like it
DateMarch 13 2024
Time7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
LocationNew Fortune TheatreUWA

Shakespeare’s classic comedy performed under the stars!

Disguises! Young lovers! Shepherds! As You Like It combines these three pillars of comedy into a fast-paced and hilarious adventure, sure to delight audiences of all ages.

When the treacherous Duke Frederick banishes Rosalind, she does the only thing a girl can do: disguise herself as a boy and seek sanctuary in the Forest of Arden. With her cousin and the court jester, Touchstone, in tow and now disguised as the young man Ganymede, she chances upon her new crush, Orlando, and takes her moment to “cure” him of his love for her. Meanwhile, the young shepherdess Phoebe has her eye on Ganymede, much to the chagrin of her would-be lover Silvius!

Will Orlando fall in love with this girl/boy/girl?  And if he does, which gender is he actually falling for?

If you want to see Shakespeare stripped back, naked and fresh…in the southern hemisphere’s only permanent Elizabethan theatre; then this is the production for you.