Bogan Shakespeare Presents: Hamlet

The award-winning, homegrown smash hit Bogan Shakespeare is back and bigger than ever. This year they are taking on Hamlet. Down in Denmark WA, you’ll find a quaint little drinking hole, a place for locals and travellers alike. A place where the parmi is “pretty good” but “not amazing” and they always pour above the line, but only just. A business with deep, slow-grown roots in the community, passed down from one generation to the next. A place known as The Crown Pub. This is where we find our tale but who is our key player? The young Hamlet, the wayward son, returned home from his time abroad studying Media and Communications. But his homecoming is not a joyous occasion, for he has travelled to attend the funeral of his beloved father who passed away under mysterious, downright suspicious circumstances. Observe a tale of desire, deception, cunning and ear poisoning. A story that asks how far would you go to avenge those you have lost and how far can you go before you lose those you have left?


Jan 20 2023



7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


State Theatre Centre


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