Book signing for Doctor Who spin-off author

DateAugust 19 2022 - August 21 2022
Time6:00 PM - 1:00 PM
LocationThe Backlot PerthWest Perth

Perth Doctor Who spin-off author Chris Thomas will be at the first annual Perth Horror Film Festival from August 19 to 21 to sign copies of his latest novel. Using characters from Doctor Who’s classic era, Lethbridge-Stewart: Blue Blood is an action-packed thriller best described as “sci-fi horror”. Bodies of missing people around the world start turning up, as if ripped apart by wild animals, seemingly linked to an experiment gone wrong 30 years ago in World War II.

“Given the horror elements in my novel, the Perth Horror Film Festival seemed an ideal place to do a book signing,” Thomas said. “Many Doctor Who stories themselves have drawn on horror classics such as Frankenstein, Dracula and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or styles of horror, including Nordic noir.

“They all have a broody atmosphere that draws you in but add a science-fiction twist along the way. “On August 20, the Perth Horror Film Festival is having its own night of sci-fi horror with several local short films evoking the theme and the main feature, The Day the Earth Caught Fire.”

Thomas’ Lethbridge-Stewart: Blue Blood is a sequel to his earlier short story Vampires of the Night, included as a bonus feature with his novel. “You don’t need to read the short story to follow what’s going on in the novel but it’s the impetus for everything that occurs,” he said. “With all the action, horror and science-fiction going on, you’d think there wouldn’t be room for much else – but I’ve also allowed for comedy in certain scenes to maintain a balance.”

Thomas will be signing copies of his novel, available for $20 cash, from 6pm August 19 and 20 and 1pm August 21.

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