Clan of the Kel Bear

Clan of the kel bear
DateJanuary 31 2024
LocationVariousWestern Australia

Bookie. Lush. Tart. Sometimes you just shouldn’t join!

Get set for a high energy night of jokes and storytelling about love, family and gettin’ sh*t done, from everyone’s favourite middle-aged cliche. And if Kel’s crazy overachieving clan weren’t bad enough, try growing up with Ayla, the Most Beautiful Woman Ever, who conquered adversity with no dermal fillers and invented Absolutely Everything, from slingshots that work to great sex.

Parenting Now vs Parenting Then, the rise of the ‘Insta-family’, and expiry dates on bags of lettuce – it’s gonna be a fun night!

“Australia’s next comedy genius” – Tim Ferguson, Doug Anthony All Stars
“Mac delivers. The laughs kept coming from the rapt audience” – NOTA
“Lively, impudent, raucous. Pushes a joke further than thought possible” – Theatre Travels
“Gleefully funny…Stand-up must-seeism” – Chuck Moore reviews about

Recommended 18+