Community Orchestra plays Stage and Screen classics with local guest vocalist

DateAugust 27 2023
Time2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
LocationCorpus Christi CollegeBateman

For the first time in forever, South Side Symphony Orchestra will be performing Frozen along with other spectacular stage and screen classics.

Think Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, Lord of the Dance and Puccini’s Nessun Dorma made famous by Pavarotti at the Fifa World Cup in Italy in 1990, with the pieces will be brought to life by Musical Director Rob Gladstones with guest vocalist and heavy metal band front man, Vin Trikeriotis.

It’s an unusual collaboration but Rob and Vin have a special connection. After meeting Vin during a season of Jesus Christ Superstar in late 2018, Rob was captivated by his beautiful and unique voice and was surprised to hear he was the lead singer of local heavy metal band, Tempest Rising. Rob’s first impression of Vin was that he should try opera and fast forward to 2023, Vin is now studying classical voice at WAAPA and singing in the chorus of the West Australian Opera. In this concert, Vin will showcase his incredible versatility singing musical theatre, big band, rock and classical opera.

Vin will perform with South Side Symphony Orchestra, a not for profit, community ensemble. Established in 2011, the orchestra is based in Melville with over 60 enthusiastic, vibrant musicians from diverse backgrounds. What unites the orchestra is their passion for music and their love of performing and collaborating with other members of the musical world.

Musical Director Rob Gladstones says ‘In selecting the works for this program, I wanted to cover as many different aspects of the theme Stage and Screen as possible and the range of styles and emotions that come from the movies, musical theatre, dance and opera. I also wanted to showcase Vin’s incredible voice and versatility. If you’ve never seen SSSO perform, I highly recommend coming along to this performance, as it has something for everyone and is the perfect blend of quiet contemplative moments and absolute showstoppers”.