Perth Festival Djoondal


We celebrate the Perth Festival 2023 theme of Djinda (Stars) with a spectacular free opening event that will lift your heart and free your spirit. Cutting-edge technology and ancient storytelling come together to tell the Noongar story of Djoondal, the spirit woman with the long white hair who created the milky way above, and whose name lives on in Joondalup. Ian Moopa Wilkes leads a team of visionary artists from across generations to celebrate the connection between children and elders – koolangka and our deman – with lights, lasers and drones accompanied by ancient and futuristic music. Over three nights audiences of all ages are invited to picnic before enjoying Djoondal, an immersive show that links the stories of the cosmos and the beauty of the lake and its natural surrounds.


Feb 10 2023


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Pinar's Tree


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