Everything Is Fine! Stand-Up Comedy at Fringe World

DateFebruary 05 2022 - February 13 2022
LocationMint NightclubNorthbridge

Maren is a Melbourne-based comedian from Germany who recently turned both 30 and bitter. Liam lives in Perth and is too young to be convinced he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Both spend way too much time coming up with ways to prove that they definitely, without a doubt, are doing fine. Join the two for 50min of stand-up comedy, telling tales of creating Tinder profiles for each other to make the other cringe, while pondering important questions about life in general and coming up with reassuring concepts to explain the world we live in. Did you know the housing market is now rented by a second housing market to pay off the first housing market’s housing market debt? No way it will ever collapse! We understand how the world works and can say for sure, everything is fine!

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