Festival of Jerry

Perth's Bougiest Date Nights, Jerry Fraser Oysters
DateDecember 24 2023 - January 01 2024
Time12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
LocationIl Lido CanteenCottesloe

WA’s King of Oysters, Jerry Fraser, joins the team at Il Lido for a jolly good festive season!

Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day
Shucked to order every day 12pm – 5pm
Half 24 | Dozen 36 | Double 60

Jerry will be shucking four varieties of the best bivalves from around Australia and it’ll be the battle of the coasts for this summer’s oyster supremacy…

The Pacific Play Off / SA v TAS

Pacific oysters will go head to head in the Pacific play off! It could be the briney beauties from Smoky Bay, Coffin Bay, or Franklin Harbour in South Australia up against some salty sensations from Pittwater, Moulting Bay, Duck Bay or Boomer Bay from down in Tassie.

The Rock Off / WA v NSW

When it comes to Rock oysters, all bias aside… it’s gotta be WA. You know – west coast, best coast!! WA’s revered Albany rock oysters will be taking on those from the estuaries of the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales. It’s a total knock off (in our humble opinion), but join us for the rock off and you be the judge!!