First Lights: Nyinggalu

DateApril 20 2023
Time6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
LocationTown BeachExmouth

This coming April, one of nature’s most phenomenal occurrences, a Total Solar Eclipse, will take place across the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo (Nyinggulu) region. The shadow of the moon will grace the tip of Western Australia, with the Exmouth region becoming host to the most accessible place on Earth to view this spectacle. Preceding and closing this occurrence, First Lights: Nyinggulu will take place on Baiyungu Country at Cardabia Station followed by Town Beach at Exmouth. A spectacle of light, sound and illumination will take flight to share ancient knowledge, living stories and history of place. The large-scale contemporary art form will choreograph a fleet of nearly 200 drones with powerful LED lights and specialist 3D animation techniques. A cinematic soundscape will accompany the drone show to create an immersive light and sound performance. Commissioned by the Fremantle Biennale and guided by Baiyungu custodian Hazel Walgar of the Nyinggulu coast and Yingarrda-Wadjarri artist Sonya Edney. Co-presented with the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation as part of the Jamba Nyinayi Festival and Tourism WA as a part of the Dark Sky Festival.