Framed Art: A New Recycled Instrument Project Workshop

DateJuly 07 2022
Time1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Join us for our newest workshop: Framed Art! Featuring our two-time award winning Recycle Instrument Project, we will be using discarded sheet music to make beautiful framed art. Led by Djinda Boodja Arts Centre Director Vicki Warn and Curate Micro-Factory Director Patricia Alessi, join us as we transform sheet music once headed towards landfill into your newest piece of framed art, perfect to catch those spare winter rays! We will provide each participant with a floating frame, sheet music (including those pre-cut into various shapes) and acrylic paints and stencils so they are ready for your creativity to flourish in the workshop! And, if you struggle a bit with free drawing, don’t despair! We are bringing stencils, too.

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