Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights In Port

As the weather cools and the winter months approach, Fremantle’s melting pot of arts, celebration, dancing and music – Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port – returns to the bustling streets of the port city for 2021. Over 10 special nights and days in wintery July, Fremantle will come alive in a feast of culture and storytelling with the voices of Western Australian people, places, cultures and environments taking centre stage in the hidden nooks, crannies and behind the historical facades of the city. From large-scale participatory events to immersive experiences and the return of renowned winter music series, Hidden Treasures, the program consists of a series of events each celebrating some of the very best talents in the state. Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port is a celebration of Fremantle’s stories and culture that’ll coax you out of the house on a winters night and allow you to discover the port city you know and love in a brand-new way.

Pictured: Soak & Steam by Jesse Lee.


Jul 15 2021 - Jul 25 2021



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