Grant Mushet: Good Dick Energy

DateAugust 27 2021
Time8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
LocationThe CraftOutback Jack's

‘Big dick energy’ is a phrase that has been used to describe someone with a relaxed confidence in themselves, a quality which comes from the security of having a huge penis. Someone with good dick energy is more like Grant Mushet… honest. Mushet is a sell-out FRINGE WORLD favourite and in 2021, he has returned with a debut solo show which does not disappoint.

Mushet is a talented and experienced comedian who takes on the challenge of engaging the entire audience from the front rows all the way to the back of The Craft’s alley with confidence. The performer had the front row in stitches for the majority of the show, so much so they were barely able to respond to the reverse heckling he was dishing out. Mushet, a Scottish expat turned Perth local, shares hilarious tales of comedy tragedy, rowdy travels abroad, his entertaining introduction to Western Australia and his life here now after six years.