Grassroots Comedy at Fringe

DateJanuary 20 2023
Time5:00 PM - 11:00 PM

WA-based Grassroots Comedy brings the best of the fest to the bar behind the fridge door, Convenients, in Northbridge for Perth Fringe World 2023. From Friday, 20th January to Sunday, 19th February, the Grassroots Comedy Fridge Hub is the one-stop-shop for laughs from local and international acts, some experimental formats and ye olde faithful standup. With every genre and style available, there’s no need to go anywhere else at this Perth Fringe Festival.

Perth-based, locally-owned Grassroots Comedy has brought comedy to audiences from the stage at Convenients since it opened in 2021. Having spent over 15 months of championing up-and-coming artists and offering the only ‘experimental’ comedy space for seasoned and budding comedians to work their new material, Grassroots is the Hub for all the best shows of Perth Fringe World 2023. Hosting itself behind the fridge door at Convenients in Northbridge, this year’s showcase features an array of local and international acts.

Specials from Xavier Susai (SGP), Luke Bolland (AUS), Sami Shah (PAK/AUS), and Thabo Tshuma (ZWE), as well as panel talk shows and live podcasts, are on the hilarious menu. There are several lineup shows, including West Coast Comedy, comprised of local acts flaunting their freshest material and Best Foot Forward, the try-before-you-buy preview of Fringe shows, or Split the Bill, providing audiences with the opportunity to watch 2 headliners for the price of 1 full show, with different acts each night vying to make you laugh the most. With non-stop show after show, there is something to tickle everyone’s funny bone at Grassroots Comedy Fridge Hub.

Managed by local and professional comedians with decades of comedy experience and growing a cult following with sold-out shows at their weekly show, ‘Experimental Comedy Club,’ Grassroots Comedy has hosted internationally acclaimed acts such as Ivan Aristeguieta, Chris Franklin and Luke Kidgell. Fixated on Perth Fringe World 2023, Grassroots Comedy is investing in and supporting comedy excellence to bring a month of eye-watering entertainment to the community of WA; to miss out would be a crime.

Grassroots Comedy Fridge Hub will host shows from Convenients, Northbridge, from Friday, 20th January, to Sunday, 19th February. Tickets are between $15 and $25.